Business lines

Business lines

Property development

Property development is currently Asentia's main activity. At the present time, it has 800,000 M² of land to be developed, of which 70% is residential land, featuring extremely good locations particularly in Madrid.

It also has land to develop offices – specifically, 19% of its portfolio – and the remainder is either commercial or industrial.

Asset management

Asentia is a specialist in end-to-end management of real estate assets, enabling it to perform tasks corresponding to all the stages of the real estate cycle with the greatest efficiency.

  • Analysis and studies, economic reports to analyse the technical-economic viability of the projects, business plans of the assets and analysis of the financial resources necessary to carry out projects throughout the different phases of the real estate cycle, focusing on maximising the profitability of its projects, while respecting social responsibility and improving the environment.
  • Management of development and creation of land value; management of landowner compensation boards, management of new building constructions and building renovations, management of finished product and home owner associations, in order to maintain the highest quality and efficiency in the management of all the phases of the real estate process.

Development management

Asentia has decided to make its know-how available to companies not linked to the group, by providing expert consultancy services in the area of developing and managing real estate assets.

Its development management services consist of applying the knowledge, skills and working methodology, developed by the company's professionals over years of experience, which are necessary to achieve and optimise real estate projects at any of the stages involved.

These services cover the entire value chain of the process of developing and promoting projects: market research; urban and licence management; conceptual design and implementation plan; project management and construction management; economic-financial study for the project; sales, marketing and advertising; asset management; and sale of the project.

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